When Do You Need A Commercial Electrician To Upgrade The Main Panel?

Is your manufacturing line seeing increasing power surges and tripped circuit breakers? It is time to look at the electrical panel. This component is central to the workings of any electrical system. It is responsible for distributing power to different circuits and machinery. It is crucial to have an efficient panel working at optimal levels in an industrial or commercial setting. A faulty electrical panel can cause power surges and threaten human lives. You need a commercial electrician to upgrade the main panel as power needs to change. What should inform you on the need to upgrade?

1. You Add High Power Demand Machinery

When you add new machinery to the manufacturing line, look at the power demand of that machine. For instance, if you add a new machine that needs to run on three-phase power, you need to upgrade the panel. This is because a single-phase circuit can only handle low-power machinery, while a three-phase circuit can handle high-powered heavy-duty machinery and equipment. You will need a commercial electrician to upgrade the panel to accept this reconfiguration.

2. There's No More Allowance for Circuit Breakers

Industrial equipment needs a high power supply to function. Such equipment would have no room for expansion in an older electrical panel with low amperage breakers. If you want to add on more machinery in the future, you will need a panel with higher amperage breakers to allow for expansion and flexibility in your industrial operation.  

3. Circuit Breakers Are Tripping Frequently 

When circuit breakers are frequently tripping, it indicates a problem with the panel's distribution of power loads. Circuit breakers trip to avoid damage from surging currents in their circuits. You need a commercial electrician to upgrade the electrical panel to distribute the loads more evenly and keep your machinery running smoothly. 

4. The Panel is Old and Non-Compliant 

If the electrical panel is too old, it is no longer compliant with current safety standards. It poses a great risk to human lives and should be upgraded immediately. You need an industrial electrical contractor to upgrade your main panel or install a new one to ‌comply with updated codes and ensure safety.

5. The Panel is ‌Crowded and Disorganized

 As your business grows, the panel grows crowded as you add more circuits. You can either install a new one or upgrade to a bigger panel that will allow for more circuits. It is crucial to upgrade or change the electrical panel to have more room for expansion and organize the circuits better. It also helps diagnose electrical faults faster.

Is your outdated industrial electrical panel hampering your business operations? Talk to a commercial electrician to make the necessary upgrades for optimal productivity.