If You Notice This, an Electrician Might Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

The electrical systems in older homes may not be able to keep up with evolving technology. Many of these homes have outdated systems that should get electrical upgrades. Homeowners may be unaware or think that it is a home improvement project that can wait. However, this can be a dangerous decision. 

Outdated electrical panels can also pose safety threats, and homes that still have fuse boxes installed are likely in serious need of upgrades. Electrical panels distribute electricity and detect high voltage situations. When one is detected, a circuit breaker will trip, and fuse boxes will experience blown fuses. The following points identify things you might notice if you need to upgrade your electrical panel.

Upgraded Appliances and Electronics

Recently upgraded electronics and appliances can create a need for more electrical power. Older electrical panels are likely not able to keep up with several new upgrades. This can put items at risk for damage if power surges occur. Upgrading to better technology can make life more convenient and enjoyable. However, it is important to have an electrical panel that is designed to meet increased electrical requirements.

Flickering Lights

This is a situation that homeowners might notice when they turn on robust appliances or electronics that require a significant amount of energy. Flickering occurs when an electrical system tries to distribute electricity to the appliances and electronics while also providing light. It happens as a result of there not being a powerful enough system installed to handle the electrical demands. There are other issues that can also cause flickering lights, which is why it is a good idea to get an electrical contractor to inspect to determine the cause.

Panel Trips Frequently

Homeowners usually know when something in their home shows signs of repairs. A significant portion of electrical systems is hidden behind walls and ceilings. This can make the detection of old wiring difficult or impossible to detect. Electrical panels are often in areas such as closets or basements, which means that homeowners may not look at them until a circuit breaker trip occurs.

Changes in the frequency of breakers tripping are indicative of a potential electrical repair issue or a need for an electrical panel upgrade. Overheated wires can cause tripped breakers, which is serious because of the fire risk. Issues with wires that are not properly grounded can also cause this phenomenon to occur. If the issue is related to overloading the electrical system, a panel upgrade will be likely.

An electrical contractor is a good resource to use to determine if your electrical panel is outdated or insufficient for your needs. They can suggest and make upgrades based on their findings. If your home has a fuse box, you have an outdated electrical system that is likely costing you more than homes that have electrical panels. Upgrading is sensible for efficiency and safety reasons.