Rewind Or Replace? 3 Things To Look For In Your Electric Motor

Machinery and equipment that rely on an electric motor to run properly can become obsolete if that motor starts to experience problems. When an electric motor malfunctions, you have two options- replace the motor with a new one or rewind the existing motor.

Rewinding is the process by which a technician strips away the existing coils in an electric motor, inserts new coils into the engine, and insulates these coils for ongoing protection. It's much cheaper to invest in a rewind than it is to purchase a new motor.

Here are three things you can look for to determine if your engine is a good candidate for rewinding.

1. Age of the Motor

Technology is advancing rapidly, which means that many electronic components are being classified as out-of-date. Before you invest in a professional rewind for your electric motor, ask yourself how old the motor is. Experts suggest that you replace any motor that has significant age.

Installing a new motor will allow you to harness the power of new technology to make your electric motor more efficient in the long run.

2. Condition of the Core

The condition of your electric motor's core will be beneficial in helping you determine if replacing or rewinding the damaged motor is your best option.

A motor core that has sustained serious damage due to overheating or chemical exposure typically won't be able to perform at full capacity again. This means that if you see a damaged or deteriorated motor core, you should just replace the motor.

If the motor core simply shows signs of burns, rust, or moisture, then rewinding the engine should restore its performance in the future.

3. Insulation Resistance

A lot of eclectic motors will start to fail as a result of decreased insulation resistance. You want your motor to have enough insulation to prevent any damage caused by extreme temperature changes.

If your motor is malfunctioning but its insulation resistance is intact, investing in a rewind service will help restore the performance of your motor. If the insulation resistance has been damaged beyond repair, only a full engine replacement will help restore your motor's function.

Having the option to rewind a malfunctioning electric motor can actually save your company a significant amount of money when it comes to maintaining your equipment and machinery.

Rewinding an electric motor reduces your company's environmental impact, minimizes costs, and helps to restore your motor to its factory-new condition. Contact a local electric motor rewind service to learn more.