Recessed Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

Recessed lighting is a new and unique decorative concept that helps make your space feel more extensive and attractive. However, to understand more about it here is everything you need to know.

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is a decorative and visually appealing lighting concept directly installed in your ceiling, walls, or other surfaces of your choice. The lighting uses various devices known as fixtures, such as bulbs and trims, and housing.

Housing refers to the bulk fixtures hidden within your walls or ceilings. These features contain different electrical devices connected to make a unit known as a single fixture. 

On the other hand, the trim refers to various decorative and uniquely visible portions of the fixtures, including shades, reflectors, and baffles. Lastly, the bulb is also a single fixture that produces maximum light.

The Best-Recessed Lighting Options to Know

Although no option fits all, below are the best-recessed lighting options based on the design of your ceiling and walls.

Shallow Ceiling Housing

If your house has a shallow ceiling, you'll probably not have enough space behind it to install the recessed lighting bulbs or lamps. This is where shallow ceiling recessed lighting housing comes in. This option lets you install the lighting below or under the ceiling, especially if it's about a few inches of joists.

Sloped Ceiling Housing

In addition to installing shallow ceiling or baffle trims, another excellent option is the sloped ceiling housing lighting. This is a perfect option for flat walls and ceilings. The same is also a better choice if your house has limited space. However, before settling for this option, ensure you have correctly accessed angles within your home to install and firmly fix bulbs and lamps.

Baffle Trims

Because recessed lighting is an excellent concept for decoration and style, you'll like it when you want to lighten your interiors and places like a movie theater. Baffle trims are the best-recessed option for such areas considering their lights are directional. They help theaters and other celebration avenues balance lighting by reducing or increasing glares from the bulbs and lamps. Additionally, baffle trims are the best options for your office spaces. They add style and balance the amount of light you need depending on when you're working or relaxing in the office.

Insulation Contact (IC) or the Rated Housing Recessed Lighting

This is the best-recessed lighting option if you reside in a cold-weather-prone area. Insulation contact recessed lighting creates enough heat, especially inside your ceiling, wall, or ground.

For more information on choosing lighting options for your home, contact an electrician near you.