5 Lighting Upgrades Residential Electricians Can Install In Your Home

Lighting isn't just about style; it's about safety as well. If you feel that your light fixtures aren't up to par, consider investing in these lighting upgrades you can do to make your home safer and more enjoyable to be in. Your residential electrical installers can do these five upgrades in a short time and transform your home.

1. Install Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting systems offer convenience in controlling your lighting. A smart lighting system controls all the lights in your home from one panel. It comes with a  smartphone app where you can switch on and off lights in different rooms, control brightness, and even monitor how much energy lighting is consuming.

2. Install Colored Smart LED Bulbs 

Sure, they're an extra purchase upfront. But if you consider how much you'll save on energy costs over time, they pay for themselves. And as a bonus, they can match your decor and outfit! (Or really, whatever mood you want to set.) 

Colored smart bulbs also have options to adjust temperature and brightness remotely. This is one of the best residential electrical installs you can do to transform your home's ambiance and mood. 

3. Install Light Motion Sensors

Light motion sensors are a great way to save on energy bills. These sensors can be installed by residential electrical installers near doors and windows frequently used. As people walk into or out of different rooms, they'll activate lights that illuminate as needed and only when you need them, eliminating unnecessary energy use from lights left on overnight or during a time when you're not at home.

4. Set Up Scene Lighting

Set up some scene lighting if you want to change your home's appearance completely. Scene lighting is typically installed in rooms with many windows and gives your home an overall warm glow. This type of lighting makes it easy to use any room for entertaining or simply relaxing. 

Professional residential electrical installers can get you started on scene lighting that allows you to control how bright or dark each room is at different times of the day.

5. Install Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are a super simple lighting upgrade. They let you control how bright or dim your lights are, which is great for energy savings and for different times of the day. Dimmer switches work wonders in bedrooms; you fall asleep easier when not staring at bright overhead lights! They also work well for bedside reading lamps, allowing you to read without glare. 

Upgrading your home's lighting can transform the look of your home and make spaces more functional. Contact residential electrical installers to learn more about easy lighting upgrades.