What Is Commercial Electrical Maintenance?

Commercial electricians ensure that businesses and other public structures have the electricity they need to function effectively. One of the ways electricians do this is by providing regular maintenance for electrical systems. These are four things an electrician may do as part of commercial electrical maintenance for your business, school, or community center:

1. Inspect lighting fixtures, cables, circuit breakers, and wires.

The first step in electrical maintenance is an inspection. A commercial electrician will walk around your property, examining various components of your electrical system. They will check cables and wires to make sure that nothing is frayed. Mice, rats, and other small animals can sometimes damage wires, leading to safety hazards. Your electrician will also check for areas of water damage, corrosion, and exposure to the elements. They will make sure that your circuit breaker is working effectively and your electrical system is properly grounded.

2. Test individual components of your electrical system.

After performing a visual inspection, a commercial electrician will test individual components of your electrical system. They may turn on lights, run appliances, and intentionally stress your electrical system to ensure no hazards are found. They may use an infrared thermometer to detect areas of excessive heat in your system, which could pose a fire hazard.

3. Run and repair backup generators.

Some businesses and medical facilities have backup generators installed to provide power in the event of an electrical outage. Backup generators can keep crucial machinery running and prevent spoilage and waste in food service facilities. In order to fulfill their intended function, backup generators must be in good working order. A commercial electrician will run your backup generator to ensure it can generate electricity as it is designed to do. Your electrician may also turn off the power to your building temporarily to ensure that the switch from the main electrical system to your backup generator is seamless. It's a good idea to plan for this potential disruption accordingly when scheduling your maintenance appointment.

4. Reduce inefficiencies and perform preemptive repairs.

During a maintenance appointment, a commercial electrician will also strive to reduce inefficiencies in your electrical system. For instance, replacing resource-intensive light bulbs with LED lights that consume less energy can reduce your electric bill. Your electrician will also change or repair parts of your electrical wiring that are likely to give out soon. Preemptive repairs can allow you to avoid power outages that create disruptions for your customers and employees.