3 Benefits Of LED Lighting In Schools

Students spend a lot of time in the classroom, so installing the proper lighting should be a top priority for all schools. Fluorescent lights have been in use for quite some time, but they are being replaced by LED lighting. This change is because LED lighting offers various advantages that fluorescent lighting doesn't have.

This article will discuss the benefits of LED lighting and why schools should consider installing them.

Superior Light Quality

Students need sufficient light to read and see the classroom board well. LED bulbs offer superior quality lighting compared to fluorescent bulbs. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that scatter light, LED bulbs usually focus light rays in a particular direction. This feature makes it possible to light up an entire classroom using fewer bulbs.

Fluorescent lights are known to flicker, which causes the students' eyes to strain. This issue can lead to severe headaches, especially in students with eye problems such as visual acuity.  Research shows students with autism tend to struggle when using flickering. Even teachers may not see the classroom well. As a result, the students and teachers will have poor concentration, which may affect their performance. LED bulbs significantly reduce flickering and are a better choice for classroom lighting than fluorescent bulbs.

Energy Efficiency

If you have ever touched a fluorescent bulb while it's on, you know how hot it can get. This example shows how much energy the bulbs lose. Such lights convert more energy to heat rather than light. On the contrary, LED lights produce less heat, consuming little energy. Most of the LED energy is converted to light rather than heat. 

Moreover, LED lights last longer than fluorescent lights; hence, you will need fewer light bulb changes when using LED technology. This feature makes LED lighting great for schools. The schools can save a lot of money on utility bills.

Better Sleep

The body follows a specific pattern known as the sleep-wake cycle. Your eyes need sufficient exposure to light, which will help the body to release the sleep hormone at night. When you don't receive enough light during the day, you will throw your body into confusion. You won't properly sleep, making you tired when you wake up.

Students need plenty of sleep to function optimally at school. LED bulbs offer better lighting, which suits the body's sleeping pattern. Additionally, good sleep will boost the students' mood and positively impact their behavior.

For additional information about lighting, contact an electrical contractor in your area.