3 Tips To Choose The Right Industrial HVAC System

An industrial HVAC system should provide seamless and effortless comfort. Otherwise, your customers and employees won't have the ideal workspace. So, you should get your selection right from the start to avoid less-than-ideal operations. Here are factors to consider when choosing an industrial HVAC system.

1. Local Climate

The outdoor climate lets you determine the ideal commercial HVAC unit that will work inside your building. Also, you will be better positioned to balance the inside and outside conditions. For instance, if you live in a moderate climate, you could install a heat pump that transfers warm air from one place to others.

Traditional furnaces and air conditioners that generate hot and cold air are ideal for extreme climates. Opt for a radiant heating system on the industry floor if your industry is in an area with severe winters. Finally, the right HVAC adjusts to temperatures based on your climate to prevent energy waste.

2. Air Distribution

Buildings usually need different air distribution systems for efficient air conditioning. Industrial HVAC systems with the appropriate air distribution enhance consistent temperatures in all industrial rooms. However, you first need to understand your premise's needs. Then, you can determine the proper heating and cooling loads for ideal air distribution.

A commercial HVAC system that distributes the right amount of air gives you cleaner and healthier indoor air. Besides, the correct air distribution level boosts energy conservation and enhances effectiveness. As a result, you get optimal industrial HVAC operations at a lower operational cost.

3. Size

The right size HVAC system for your commercial building enhances performance and improves energy efficiency. But, for instance, bigger doesn't mean better because an oversized commercial HVAC system can lead to poor humidity control. In such a scenario, you waste energy and predispose your occupants to the risk of asthma and other allergies.

Likewise, an undersized HVAC system works harder to maintain the ideal temperature. To determine the right size of industrial HVAC systems, consider your premise's air conditioning load and heat flow rate. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) offers procedures to work out your building's heat gain versus heat loss and determine the right sized unit.


When you want a new commercial HVAC system, many options are available. Yet, you can only select the best in consideration of different factors. So, use the tips above to choose a unit suitable for your premises. Also, work with a reputable industrial HVAC systems contractor who can provide professional advice and answer other questions during the sale, installation, and maintenance.

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