4 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Commercial Generator Installations

When a business experiences a power outage, it is likely to halt operations. This can interrupt productivity and cause a loss of revenue. Some business owners have found this out through experience and have chosen to get generator installations to prevent it from happening again.

Power outages can last from a few minutes to days depending on what causes the outage. Since no one can predict outages, generators are a wise investment for industrial and commercial properties. The following points highlight points for decision-makers to keep in mind when they are planning generator installations for their properties.

Purchase Option

Decision makers will need to decide if they want to purchase a used or new generator. Used generators may have been bought from other businesses to resell. They may have also been leased by the previous owners and returned when the lease expired. Used models may have a limited warranty or no warranty, but they will likely be tested before selling. New generators will come with a warranty, which is something that many companies are likely to prefer.


Generators may use propane, gasoline, natural gas, or diesel as fuel. Modern technology has also allowed manufacturers to create appliances that run on dual fuels. These models have a primary fuel source. If that fuel source depletes, the generator will start to use the other fuel source. Each fuel has its advantages. Natural gas will not deplete because it comes from a gas provider. The other fuel sources require fuel to be manually added.

Noise Considerations

Some work environments such as call centers require a quiet background. Industrial environments are notorious for being loud. Decision-makers need to think about how noise could impact their workplace if the generator activates. Some generators run quieter than others, and if excessive noise is an important factor, generator installers can help source quieter models. It is also important to note that some jurisdictions have noise ordinances. If a business is located on a commercial property with other businesses, there might also be rules about noise.

Add-On Features

Advancements in modern technology have made it possible for businesses to get add-on features that can simplify the operation of their commercial generators. Decision-makers who want to be able to turn their generators on when they are not on-site can choose a model that allows them to remotely monitor their appliances.

Reach out to an electrician to learn more about generator installations. They can help decision-makers compare models and perform needs assessments to ensure that the best generator is installed based on needs, preferences, and budget.